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CRAZY KARZAI – AT 6:40 P.M. ET:  Afghanistanian President Hamid Karzai has launched several stunning verbal attacks on the United States, even as American forces are trying to save his country and his government.  His lack of gratitude is classic.  Try helping anyone in the Muslim world and you're usually repaid with abuse.  From Fox:

The Obama administration once again is troubled and "frustrated" by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who reportedly is threatening to align with the Taliban while accusing the United States of meddling in his country's affairs.

"The remarks are troubling and the substance of the remarks are simply not true," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday.

President Obama's top spokesman suggested the trouble with Karzai could endanger U.S. military operations in the country. He was reacting to comments Karzai made Saturday during a private meeting with Afghan lawmakers. They came after Karzai and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to patch things up Friday following a similar outburst earlier in the week in which he accused Western governments of sabotaging his election.

"I said it was troubling on Friday. Obviously, it didn't get any better," Gibbs said.

COMMENT:  Look, we're stuck with Karzai.  He's a corruptionist, a liar, and a crook.  Otherwise, he's a terrific guy with a flair for nice colors.  Gives good commencement speeches in America, too.

I won't defend the conniving Karzai, but the fact is that there's no great penalty for attacking the United States.  And why shouldn't he attack us?  We have a president who's already announced that our forces will start leaving Afghanistan next year, and try being an Afghan leader getting that message while fighting an insurgency. 

Strange, but Karzai didn't make sport of the United States when George Bush was president.  I wonder why.

April 5, 2010