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SCARE OF THE DAY – AT 8:59 A.M. ET:   This could ruin even a serving of Edy's chocolate chip ice cream.  From the new Washington Free Beacon:

A CNN pundit who has advocated nuclear containment of Iran and expressed antipathy towards American democracy is said to be on the short list for a top diplomatic post in a second Obama administration—perhaps even secretary of State. That is raising red flags across Capitol Hill and within foreign policy circles.

Fareed Zakaria hosts CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” a weekly program focusing on international issues and American foreign policy. Zakaria is also an editor-at-large for Time magazine and a columnist for the Washington Post, where he regularly praises the president’s policies.

We are talking about a genuine, factory-made left-wing third worlder.  Lifetime guarantee.

“Every column he’s written in the Washington Post for the last two years has been a job application,” said one longtime Washington foreign policy insider who requested anonymity. “He’s just climbing the greasy pole.”


With Zakaria at the helm, things could get “incredibly dangerous” at Foggy Bottom, where the State Department is headquartered, said a senior GOP Senate aide.

“The policy of Barack Obama is to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Fareed Zakaria is now to the left of Barack Obama on Iran. There’s no way someone like that is qualified to be Secretary of State,” said the source.

Iran is one of Zakaria’s main areas of interest. Week after week on his television show and in his columns, he dismisses the international community’s fears about Iran, arguing that the regime is rational and that its nuclear program can be effortlessly contained.


America’s system of check and balances, Zakaria maintained, creates political paralysis, damaging the country’s ability to be a world leader.

Zakaria’s remedy: unite the legislature and the executive branch under a single leader who could resolve America’s fiscal issues with unilateral declarations.

Oh, how European.  How...dictatorial.  At least he's open about it.

Zakaria will polish his theoretical credentials next month when he becomes commencement speaker at Harvard.  All Harvard commencement speakers should be banned from high positions of responsibility, except maybe minimal daytime babysitting under the supervision of a mature person.

April 17, 2012