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WITH ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS – AT 8:10 A.M. ET:  They call themselves "progressives," but they're really regressives.  Their dream is to return America to the thinking, and the rhetoric, of the late 1960s.  I stress late 1960s, for the engine of their dreams, the Democratic Party, has rejected the early sixties of Jack Kennedy.  Who needs that "pay any price, bear any burden" stuff, when you can get free stuff?

And so we currently have NOW, the National Organization of a few Women, announcing its latest demand of the Obama administration.  And it's back to the sixties.  From the Daily Caller:

As President Barack Obama finalizes his second-term cabinet picks, the nation’s leading feminist group is pushing for more female appointments.

Currently, the president, who garnered 55 percent of the women’s vote on Election Day, has eight females in his 23-member cabinet. According the National Organization for Women, that number isn’t nearly high enough.

NOW president Terry O’Neill, in an interview with The Daily Caller, explained that she would like to see complete gender parity in Obama’s second-term cabinet.

I'm all for women getting a fair share, but what she's asking for is a quota.  Does the term "un-American" come to mind?  How about selecting the best people, a number of whom will be women.

“I think that if half of the cabinet were women and half of the Supreme Court and half of Congress were women, we would see a lot more policies for expanding education and health care and social services that allow communities to thrive,” O’Neill explained. “We’d see a lot less spending on military weapons systems, and we would also see a lot less of the most powerful, moneyed people not paying their fair share.”

COMMENT:  Yeah, right.  American women will really benefit from having a weaker national defense.  What O'Neill is really talking about is not a pro-woman agenda, but a leftist agenda.  She might look around the world and note that some of the most effective, and successful, women leaders of modern time – like Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, and Angela Merkel, have been very strong on military defense. 

Many "feminist" organizations seem today more interested in left-wing politics than in the condition of women.  Their silence in the face of the horrible abuse of Muslim women tells the story.

December 6, 2012