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WAIT A SECOND.  WHERE'S THE WAVE OF ISLAMOPHOBIA? – AT 9:27 A.M. ET:  The FBI issued its latest annual report on hate crimes this morning.   And, wait a second, am I reading this correctly?  Could it really be true that there's no wave of crimes against Muslims? 

How could that be?  I watch CNN.  I read The New York Times.  I listen to Fareed Zakaria.  And I thought...

And I thought wrong.  The statistics are fascinating, as much for what they don't show as for what they do.  They show that America, though not perfect, is remarkably tolerant toward Muslim neighbors, considering the serious provocations of extremist Islam, and we stress extremist.

In fact, in 2011, the last year for which statistics are available, only 12.5% of religiously based hate crimes were directed at Muslims.  Now consider:  Some 5.7% were directed at Catholics, and some 3.4% at Protestants.  So, taking those two together, 9.1% of hate crimes were directed at Christians, not far from the Muslim figure.  But when have you seen a story devoted to anti-Christian hate crimes in America?  You'll be waiting a long time.  The greatest number of religiously based hate crimes are anti-Semitic in nature, and I'm sorry to say that many are traced to extremist Muslim sources. 

The greatest number of hate crimes, where national origin is the main factor, are directed at Hispanics, some 56.9%.

So the hate-crime statistics don't necessarily show what the propagandists of the left would have you believe.  If you are a Christian in America, you are almost as likely to be the victim of a hate crime as a Muslim.  Tell a journalist, will you?

December 10, 2012