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ANOTHER GREAT OBAMA VICTORY – AT 9:49 A.M. ET:  Have you noticed that the only force that seems to have gained in the Mideast since Obama took office is anti-American Islamic extremism?   Gee, I wonder why. 

How many weeks has it been since our ambassador, and three other brave Americans, were killed in Benghazi?  And how much progress has there been in the "investigation"?  The New York Times has a well-reported story of American impotence:

WASHINGTON — An unarmed American military surveillance drone now flies virtually every day over Benghazi, gathering information and poised to respond at a moment’s notice if any of the suspects believed to be behind the attacks last Sept. 11 on the American Mission in the Libyan city are located.

But three months after the assault that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, the investigation into the attacks has been hobbled by the reluctance of the Libyan authorities to move against Islamist extremist suspects who belong to powerful militias, officials briefed on the investigation said. While the F.B.I. has identified several suspects, none have been arrested and some have fled Benghazi.

In an effort to generate as many leads as possible, the F.B.I. issued a global appeal last month asking anyone with information about the assailants to send tips in an e-mail, a text message or a post on a bureau Facebook page.

Even as frustration builds over the inquiry’s sputtering progress, American officials insist that at least for now they intend to fulfill President Obama’s vow to bring the killers to justice by working with the Libyan authorities, though that means sorting through delicate issues like sovereignty and the weakness of the Libyan government. For now, a decision whether to try suspected assailants in Libyan or American courts has not been made, officials said.

COMMENT:  We can just feel our influence in the Mideast eroding more and more each day.  Admittedly, Obama had only poor choices when confronted with the revolt against Muammar el-Qaddafi, but our poor intelligence and Obama's "lead from behind" mentality aren't doing us any good.

I'm reminded of a sign recently held up by Syrian rebels denouncing Obama and praising former President Bush for his decisiveness.  In the Mideast, as Osama bin Laden said, it's the strong horse that wins.  We are the weakening horse.

December 11, 2012