William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







FAMILY VALUES – The son of Democratic Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia has pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend bloody.  During the campaign he had to resign as his father's campaign director after a video caught him teaching how to commit voter fraud.  Congressman Moran's brother, the Virginia Democratic chairman, was recently caught lying about using the Obama voter database for next year's gubernatorial election.  He also allegedly broke conflict-of-interest laws in his lobbying practice.  Congressman Moran himself has been involved in physical scuffles and has expressed stunningly bigoted ideas.  What a family. 

INCREDIBLE – The U.S. has been embarrassingly restrained in its reaction to the North Korean missile launch.  After years of failed negotiations, the North Korean sinking of a South Korean ship, and the North Korean testing of a nuclear weapon, Washington still has no red lines.  North Korea can pretty much get away with anything it wishes.  Even generally liberal journalists seemed alarmed at this latest missile test, and the State Department issued a pro forma condemnation.  But the president seems preoccupied.

MORE WEIRDNESS – The European Union is once again "reaching out" to Iran for more negotiations, with American encouragement.  This despite the fact that no negotiations have ever produced a reduction in Iran's nuclear program, and the Iranians even seem reluctant to engage in any more talk.  Each day, though, brings Iran closer to a nuclear weapon.  We get the feeling that the Europeans are reading the handwriting on the wall – that the U.S. will actually do nothing to stop Iran from getting the bomb.  If Obama appoints the despicable Chuck Hagel as defense secretary, that will be the definitive signal, as Hagel is an announced appeaser of the Iranian regime and favors huge slashes in American defense.

GRIM PROSPECT – The Federal Reserve projects that the American unemployment rate will stay high until 2015, and suggests that it will keep interest rates low for at least three years.  The central bank said there would be economic growth next year, but that the economy will grow no more than three percent.  That is anemic.  What kind of recovery is this?  And yet, Obama doesn't seem all that much concerned.  Maybe that's because he knows he and his party have a built-in constituency that looks to the federal government, and thus the Democratic Party, to solve its problems in hard times.  The Democrats, like Hollywood executives, fail upward.  No matter how badly they do, they market themselves as "experienced," and they hand out the goodies.  Perfect formula.

December 12, 2012