William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







WHA..? – We learned today that Hillary Clinton will not be testifying before Congress on Benghazi.  The official reason is that she has this stomach virus, which caused her to faint, which caused her to hit her head, which caused a concussion.  Well, look, I'm not a doctor.  Maybe it's true, but it's been pointed out that she never went to the hospital.  The whole thing is very, very strange.  She would be testifying under oath, and the speculation will now be heavy that there are things this administration wants hidden.  That is not a charge, nor a factual statement.  But appearances are appearances, and the appearances here are pretty bad.

DISGRACEFUL – Ultra-lib Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who represents the World Trade Center district in New York, is arguing that President Obama must "exploit" the Connecticut tragedy to get stronger gun-control legislation.  This comports with Rahm Emanuel's openly stated belief that no crisis should be wasted.  Nadler did not specify what legislation he has in mind, which is the usual case with this crowd.  They are, in the end, mean-spirited hypocrites who really don't work hard on the issue, have no ideas, but are good at pounding tables until the next issue comes along.  There has, however, been some good discussion in the last day focusing on the mental-health issues that seem to surround almost all these mass shooters.  Why was there no intervention?  Why is critical mental-health information kept out of the database which is consulted by law before someone can buy a gun?

UH, YEAH – A columnist for the very left-wing Guardian newspaper in England is suggesting that the date that the Mayan calendar says the world will end – December 21st – would be a good time to make a new commitment to repair the Earth.  As opposed, say, to any other day.  But, okay, if we survive December 21st I propose that we do one thing for salvation, like canceling any subscriptions to the Guardian.

December 15,  2012