William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







SO WHO ELSE DO YOU CALL? – NASA reports that it is being flooded with phone calls from people concerned about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on Friday.  About 300 calls a day.   People want to know whether a rogue planet will crash into Earth, whether there'll be days of darkness, etc.  I called to ask whether Chris Matthews and Soledad O'Brien definitely wouldn't be on the air after Friday, but NASA said it was still researching the matter.

DISGRACEFUL – In a bitter, ignorant and disgraceful column, a black professor from the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania belittled the appointment of Tim Scott of South Carolina to the U.S. Senate, calling Scott another Republican token.  The professor, Adolph L. Reed, predicted that South Carolina blacks would turn against Scott in the 2014 Senate election for a full term.  I recall when fools like Reed predicted that blacks would reject the Supreme Court nomination of Clarence Thomas.  They didn't.  Most took pride in Thomas.  Reed is another leftover from the sixties crowd who believes that African-Americans must think only his way in order to be "genuine."  I'm sure he claims to believe in freedom of thought.  Ahem.

THE RACKET – The UN really is becoming a major racket.  Now the "world body" is pushing for retroactive payments from "rich" nations to "poor" nations for unspecified "damage" done by the emission of greenhouse gases – in other words, global warming.  The racket will be pushed at a big UN meeting in Warsaw next year.  I think more and more people are realizing that at least a part of the "global warming" campaign is really a con job with money – transfers among nations, research grants, and now compensation for "damage," being at the core.  Meanwhile, people like Al Gore and members of his crowd are becoming rich nations themselves.

OUT IN FORCE (AND VIOLENCE) – Reasonable people must be deeply concerned about the number of tweets on Twitter calling for violence against pro-gun people.  Usually it's a general suggestion that violence might be proper punishment, rather than a direct call, but it is unacceptable.  Words lead to action.  There have been some well-known names involved, including the writer Joyce Carol Oates, who is a political moonbat anyway; some tweets have suggested that shooting members of the NRA would be good for the country.  I hear a great deal of silence in response to this ugliness from those who routinely call for a more civil society, especially when their fellow liberals are even mildly criticized.

December 19,  2012