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FIND HER ON A MILK CARTON? – AT 9:53 A.M. ET:  The Weekly Standard notes that Hillary Clinton is still missing.  It is becoming a serious mystery.  Is she really that sick?  Or is she ducking public questions?

On December 15, the day after the day after the shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, State Department officials notified the press that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had fallen ill. "While suffering from a stomach virus, Secretary Clinton became dehydrated and fainted, sustaining a concussion," deputy assistant secretary Philippe Reines said in a statement to the press.

Since then, Clinton does not appear to have been sighted in public.

In her absence, she's still been putting out an occasional statement under her own name--but none related to her health. On December 21, she released a written message for Japan National Day and a statement on Kerry's nomination to replace her. A few days before that, on December 17, she released a statement on the death of Senator Daniel Inouye.

So, what's Hillary Clinton's status? Her situation is serious enough to sideline her for two weeks, but we still don't know what's going on. How serious is it? Does it prevent her carrying out the secretary of state duties?

Clinton has long-planned to step down as secretary of state "days" after Inauguration Day. The question is, where's Hillary and will we even see her before she leaves office?

COMMENT:  Of course, it's possible that Clinton will run out the clock and leave office before she has to testify before Congress about Benghazi.  However, as I understand it, she could still be subpoenaed, and would still be under oath.

If she's seriously ill, we the people have a right to know about it.  She's the highest-ranking member of the Cabinet and fourth in line for the presidency. 

Does the media have questions?  Or don't we question the queen?

December 27, 2012