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QUOTE OF THE DAY – AT 10:38 A.M. ET:  We have been harshly critical of Obama's foreign policy, and properly so.  The hype artists in the amen media have been trying to promote foreign policy as one of Obama's areas of success.   If that's success, I'd love to know their definition of failure.

John Wohlstetter, who is the brother of the late, rewnowned strategic theoriest, Albert Wohlstetter, lays it on the line in this striking indictment of what we've seen for three years, under Obama.  From Human Events:

While the Obama administration begs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to launch a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, what does Iran do? It proceeds with weapons-related work—including work on a neutron initiator trigger for an atomic bomb. This was confirmed by satellite surveillance of Iran’s Parchin facility, where trucks were spotted hauling away trash, an apparent effort at site clean-up before U.N. inspectors are permitted to enter Parchin for the first time since 2005. Iran refuses to allow inspectors to visit its other major nuclear sites.

While the Obama administration seeks to engage North Korea in further talks to try to persuade the North to surrender its nuclear weapons and weaponizing infrastructure in return for food aid, what does the North do? It counters with an offer to allow only one of its six nuclear sites—its oldest,Yongbyon—to be inspected; and reportedly the North is working on a road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

While the Obama administration tells the Senate that it plans to offer Russia detailed operational data on America’s missile defense systems, what does Russia do? It holds a rigged election and plans to deploy new missiles and ballistic missile submarines. Never mind that our missile defense systems are deployed in numbers far too small to block a Russian nuclear strike. And never mind that our missiles are incapable of intercepting ICBMs (which travel far too fast to be successfully intercepted by present systems).

While the Obama administration complains about job out-sourcing to China and that country’s currency manipulation to boost exports, what does China do? It plans a massive upgrade of its nuclear missile force—wholly unnecessary if its arsenal is as small as Western analysts assert it is.

And while the Obama administration considers reducing our nuclear weapons deployment to as low as 300 warheads, Pakistan increases its nuclear weapon budget, apparently aiming to double its arsenal.

See the pattern?

We pursue policies grounded in fantasy, while other countries pursue aggressive nuclear deployment and arsenal upgrades.

COMMENT:  Well said.  We are in danger as a nation, and the danger is growing, not decreasing.  Obama belongs to a branch of American politics that believes we exaggerate our defense needs.  (We actually underplay them.)  He belongs to, and was brought up by, a political camp that believes we were as responsible for, or even more responsible for, the Cold War.

He believes in beating swords into plowshares, even if our opponents are building more swords. 

We will pay a terrible price for this weakness unless this administration is removed from office in November.  We must get behind Romney.  He's like a Toyota Camry.  Nothing exciting, but well made and competent enough, with above-average steering.  Compare please to the clunker we have in the garage right now.

March 24, 2012