William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE – AT 5:20 ET:  There is nothing huge or decisive to report, of course.  Polls start closing in a few states in about 40 minutes.  We'll then start to get exit poll data, for what it's worth.

Caution:  Exit polls tend to tilt toward Democrats.  For some reason, Republicans are less willing to participate in them, so be careful about interpretation.

Another caution:  You'll be given poll closing times for states by news outlets, but remember that closing times can be extended by judges or state officials (depending on the state) if there are lines at the polls.  So polls aren't closed until they're actually, physically closed.

Third caution:  Be careful about anecdotal evidence.  Everybody has a story, but it may not be predictive.  Thus far we are cautiously optimistic, based on reports on turnout in traditionally conservative areas.  But we don't yet have much on turnout in traditionally pro-Obama areas. 

We'll keep you informed, and will make brilliant and far-reaching observations.  But we'll all be getting the news at pretty much the same time.

November 6, 2012