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IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG – AT 9:27 A.M. ET:  We cannot independently verify this, but John Hinderaker, at Powerline, is reporting the following:

It is being reported that Democratic Party operatives are evicting court-appointed Republican poll watchers from polling places in Philadelphia. Specifically, this reportedly has happened in Ward 32, Div 13; Ward 43, Div 14; Ward 56, Div 1; Ward 56, Div 22; Ward 32, Div 28; Ward 32, Div 28; Ward 12, Div 17; Ward 39, Div 1; Ward 24, Div 9; Ward 18, Div 25; Ward 43, Div 14; Ward 29, Div 18; Ward 65, Div 19; Ward 20, Div 1; and Ward 6, Div 11. The idea is to kick out the Republicans, then stuff the box with ballots marked for Obama. This is how some of these precincts have achieved 99 to 100% turnout in past elections.

The story is, as they say, developing…

UPDATE: The New Black Panthers are out, too, “guarding” the same voting location where they were criminally prosecuted for voter intimidation in 2008.

COMMENT:  We assume the Romney legal forces are on the case.  Don't expect much help from the Obama Justice Department.  We'll follow this.

November 6, 2012