William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






AND NOW THE GOOD NEWS – AT 10:48 A.M. ET:  Yes, there is actually some good news from Tuesday's elections. 

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was on TV last night urging Republicans to look to the state elections, not just the federal elections.  He used his own state as an example.  Although we were disappointed by Wisconsin winding up in the Obama column, and by the state's election of Tammy Baldwin, a certified leftist, as the new U.S. senator, Republicans actually increased their numbers in the state legislature, making it possible for Walker to continue his remarkably successful program of righting the state's fiscal ship.  Wisconsin is doing well.  To its south, Illinois, run by the old-line Democratic machine, is doing poorly. 

States are the bulwarks against Washington.  And today Republicans hold 30 governorships – governorships in 60% of the states.  The states are great laboratories, and governors often go on to become presidential candidates and sometimes outstanding presidents.

The new gubernatorial star is Republican Patrick McCrory, the former mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, where the Dems held their convention, and now the governor-elect of North Carolina.  He will be the first Republican governor of that state in 20 years.  If he does well...who knows?

It is in the states that Republicans can prove the quality of their style of government.  The mainstream media likes to emphasize the federal government.  Don't forget the states.  We can sneak up on 'em.  Scott Walker did.

November 8, 2012