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DRINKING THE KOOL-AID – AT 12:12 P.M. ET:  The effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt, very strongly, in the outer boroughs of New York City, where many still have no power, not much food, no heat, no gasoline, and not much protection from looters.  What a great job FEMA has done?

And the governor of New York has now done what many politicians do when confronted with a difficult problem...he's changed the subject.  He's drunk the Kool-Aid on global warming to explain Hurricane Sandy, conveniently forgetting that Sandy was a Category 1 storm that was barely a hurricane at all.  NewsBusters has the story of Cuomo's religious conversion, which should do him some good among the environmental fundamentalists should he seek the Democratic nomination for president:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claimed that "When we built New York, we didn’t think about floods, about storms. We didn’t have hurricanes and floods. ... Extreme weather is here to stay. Climate change is a reality. Political gridlock has held us back too long. ... Maybe Mother Nature is telling us something. One time, two times, three times. There are places that are going to be victimized by storms. We know that now."

Let's review a little history -- history anyone in the establishment press could have found in the Google News Archive and Wikipedia as I did. What I found demonstrates how extreme and outrageously untrue Mr. Cuomo's "we didn't have hurricanes and floods" claim really is.

Sept 13. 1960 -- "Wind, Seas Batter New England Coast"

...the report tells us: "Weather observers said Donna's path was roughly that of the great 1938 hurricane -- which claimed nearly 600 lives in New England and inflicted up to half a billion dollars in damage."


Then there's this from Arthur Everett at the Associated Press on October 16, 1954 -- "Hazel Pounds N.Y with Vicious Winds; 18 Dead Counted in Dying Storm's Battered Wake"

Hurricane Hazel, one of the country's most dangerously erratic storms, rocked New York with 100 mph winds last night.

... It was the third hurricane to hit the northeast in six weeks.

What was that about "one time, two times, three times," Mr. Cuomo? What was "Mother Nature" telling us 58 years ago?


Oh, and what about that 1938 Hurricane? In September 2011, The Learning Network at the New York Times told us the following:

On Sept. 21, 1938, a giant hurricane roared up the Eastern Seaboard, causing extensive damage and loss of life on Long Island and much of New England, not relenting until it had crossed into Canada.

... The hurricane is estimated to have killed 700 people and caused damages, which, adjusted to today’s dollar, would equal $40 billion.

COMMENT:  Amazing what a little research will turn up.  But today's news organizations put very little emphasis on research, and it shows. 

I remember horrible storms in the northeast when I was growing up...far worse than Sandy.  We are being told myths by politicians who are told them by environmental activists.  If we cannot get the truth straight, we'll wind up spending hundreds of billions of dollars on nonsense, based on unproved theories and speculation.

Cuomo is not a stupid man, and he's been a pretty good governor, especially for a liberal Democrat.  I hate to see him go the way of the crowd, but it's apparent that he has.

November 11, 2012