William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







PETRAEUS – It grows curioser by the hour.  Even pro-Obama news outlets are questioning the official timelines provided by the Propaganda Ministry.  Paula Broadwell's father asserts that this is part of a larger story, which will come out.  We learn that the "second other woman," who reported Broadwell's threats to her, is of Lebanese origin, which may or may not be of any interest here.  ABC News is ominously suggesting that Petraeus could face charges if it can be proved that the affair with Broadwell started while he was still in uniform.  Frankly, that sounds more like a threat to Petraeus to be a good boy and not contradict anything the Obama crowd says about Libya.  This is getting very rough.  Let's see if the often-spineless Republicans, and the party-line Democrats, have the guts to investigate what clearly needs to be investigated.

WHA? – The Washington Post is reporting that Senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry is under consideration to be secretary of defense.  It's known that he wants to be secretary of state, but the Post insists that job will go to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, an Obama confidante.  This is startling.  Rice has not been distinguished at the U.N., and Republicans accuse her of lying to the nation recently as part of the Libya cover-up.  Lindsey Graham says she will have a hard time being confirmed.  (If she is nominated and confirmed she will be the second African-American woman named Rice to have the job, the first having been Condi Rice.)  At the same time, Kerry's appointment to Defense, if made, could infuriate many active and retired military people, considering his accusations against fellow soldiers during the Vietnam era.  Why would a president put a man like that at the Pentagon?  Hmm.

THE GREATEST SCANDAL – It is reported that the man who provides the voice for the "Sesame Street" character Elmo has taken a leave of absence amidst charges that he had an improper sexual relationship with a boy.  Sesame Street is where Big Bird lives – the very same Big Bird, I tell you frankly, who was championed by the Obama administration during the campaign.  You remember:  "If Romney wins, Big Bird will be de-funded!"  So I have one direct, blunt question that MUST be answered in the midst of this scandal:  What did Big Bird know, and when did he know it?  On the answer to this may rest the future of childhood in America.  Interesting – this is something else that comes out after the election.

NANNY SPEAKS – In a unanimous vote, because everyone thinks the same out there, the Los Angeles City Council has asked all residents of the city to observe a "meatless Monday" each week.  The esteemed Council tells us that this would be good for health and for the environment.  As a reply, I propose a Council-less Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  You don't need a meatless Monday to elevate health.  What you need is informed, disciplined citizens.  Hamburgers don't kill people.  People kill people.  Grab the ketchup.

November 12,  2012