William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






THANKSGIVING DAY – AT 10:06 A.M. ET:  Thanksgiving isn't about shopping, although you'd never know it from the media coverage.  It's about something much more.

As we properly give thanks today, let us add this hope:  that we should become the kind of people, the kind of generation, for whom others in the future will give expressions of thanks, not expressions of regret.  An expression of thanks has to be earned.  It should not be awarded just for standing there. 

We can earn that future expression of thanks by fighting for the ideals and principles we know will save this country, and reverse its decline.  And we can begin that by teaching the young, upcoming generation that human freedom is at the very core of the American ideal, not a gift given by government when the government thinks it's convenient.

And we can earn a future expression of thanks by focusing on and reversing the corruption of two of our most important institutions – the educational system and the press.  They who educate our children and inform our electorate will control the nation.  They know it.  I'm afraid we don't take it seriously enough.

So let us resolve, today, to earn the thanks that we generously give to others.  Only then should we be content with the way we live our lives.

November 22,  2012