William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







REMATCH? – The Supreme Court has ordered a lower court to reopen hearings on aspects of Obamacare, providing the possibility that parts of the monster health plan can ultimately be reexamined by the Supremes.  Obamacare is starting to take effect, and Americans are beginning to realize both the financial cost and the challenge to some religious beliefs.  The Court is not indifferent to public opinion.  We might be able to make some judicial progress, at last.

A BIT OF A RETREAT? – Egyptian President Morsi, who blew his growing reputation by taking near-dictatorial powers for himself last week, may be pulling back a bit, under relentless pressure from street demonstrators and foreign nations, as well as his political opposition.  He's attempting, by careful wording, to narrow the scope of his decrees.  But there is no guarantee – far from it – that his critics will accept anything less than a full capitulation.  This shows how precarious Morsi's hold on power really is.  The political crisis in Egypt is not over.  Obama's guy may not last long.

REPUBLICAN SPLIT? – Some conservative pundits are starting to speak out about so-called "purity tests" administered to potential GOP candidates by factions within the party.  Tired of losing Senate seats that could have been captured, writers like Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post are warning against those who'd rather fight than win.  Look for a confrontation between purists and pragmatists over the potential 2014 Senate candidacy of Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, who is targeting the seat currently held by aging Democrat Jay Rockefeller, who purchased it many years ago.  Capito is considered a rising star within the party, but there are already attempts by the Club for Growth and other ideological groups to paint her as too moderate, despite a respectable conservative record.

IN SAUDI ARABIA THEY CALL THIS PROGRESS – Saudi women are now tracked by the government, which alerts their male guardians by text message if they attempt to leave the country.  Saudi Arabia is also the only country in the world that bans women from driving.  We look forward to the next photo of President Obama bowing down to the Saudi king, as he did early in his first term.  Maybe Barack needs a text message from Michelle.

November 26, 2012