William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







FIRST-DAY BLUNDER – It didn't take long for John Kerry to screw up, as he entered his first day as secretary of state.  He told the Boston Globe that President Obama offered him the job a week before Susan Rice withdrew from consideration.  Apparently this genius didn't realize that the implication of his claim was that Obama let Rice twist in the wind for a week, thinking she might still get the job.  The White House refuses to comment.  I'd imagine a discussion will be held and John will have to stand in the corner during recess.

BROWN-OUT – Speaking of Kerry, his new gig meant resigning his Massachusetts Senate seat.  There was heavy speculation that former Republican Senator Scott Brown, recently defeated by moon-bat-in-chief Elizabeth Warren, would run to replace Kerry.  Today he bowed out, even though polls showed him defeating any Democrat.  Now there's speculation that Brown will run for governor in 2014.  He'd have a good shot, and would be more visible as a governor.

NBC NEWS HEAD DEPARTS – Steve Capus, who has been president of NBC News for eight years, has announced his resignation.  There is no clear word on whether this was voluntary.  Depending on where you sit, Capus is either hero or villain.  He has certainly moved NBC News, or allowed the people in it, to move sharply to the left.  In my view, the credibility of the once-great news organization has been badly damaged.  NBC News can use a dose of old-time basic journalism.  He was appointed president, by the way, by Jeff Zucker, then at NBC, who recently took over CNN.   I hope Zucker does better in his new job.

CRISIS OVER – One of the great crises in American life - school lunch snacks – has been solved.  Our benevolent government, presided over by Barack Obama (come to save us), has decreed – I've read the original 160-page
document – that, among other things, potato chips will be replaced by baked versions, and candy bars with granola.  Soda is out, unless the diet kind.  The Department of Agriculture has suggested that these better foods may improve academic performance.  Yeah, take a bunch of angry kids who can't get a candy bar and throw them into a calculus exam.  I'm all for healthy foods for us all, but Washington Nanny is intruding a bit too much.  I actually have an occasional potato chip, even two, and I can still spell well enough to write this blog.

February 1, 2013