William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






SUPER SUNDAY – AT 8:07 A.M. ET:  And it was.  Playing in New Orleans, the San Francisco 49ers almost caught the Baltimore Ravens in a spectacular second-half scoring binge, but fell a bit short.  Ravens won, 34-31.  Baltimore is celebrating.  It can be a rough town, and I hope they keep things under control.

As most of you know, the power went out in about half the stadium during the game, forcing a delay of about 35 minutes.  There was no good reason for the delay.  San Francisco was playing.  Fans could have lit candles and had a romantic, intimate game by candlelight. 

I'm anticipating a report from MSNBC on the power outage.  Apparently, they have proof that it was caused by BUSH (!!) and CHENEY (!!!!), trying to destroy New Orleans once again.  Racism, I tell you.  Racism.

I'm not much of a football fan, but I always watch the Super Bowl because it is an American classic.  I love the hyperventilating sportscasters and "analysts," who can barely contain themselves as they announce the logic of every step a player takes.  They know.   One "analyst" told us during the power outage that the interruption would energize the 49ers, who were well behind at the time.  When play resumed and the 49ers scored quickly, the "analyst" reminded us that he had predicted it.  If the Ravens had scored, he would have said, "The 49ers new energy just wasn't enough."  They're like political pundits, only louder and in better suits.

Great spectacle.

February 4,  2013