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OH, AND WHAT IS THE UN DOING? – AT 8:58 A.M. ET:   As North Korea tests another nuke, as Syria continues to engage in genocide against its own people, as Iran moves closer to its own bomb, the UN is in action once again.  Oh, Mr. Obama, true to his socialist background, has invested much in the UN, and our country has gotten nothing for it.  But hey, who are we to question?  From Jim Carafano at the Washington Examiner:

We have been down this road before.

In 2007, a "special" U.N. rapporteur investigating human rights and combating terrorism issued a scathing assessment of American counterterrorism practices. As a sample of his "findings": He determined that the United States is not engaged in a war on terrorism. Apparently 9/11 and dozens more terrorist attacks aimed at the United States just didn't cut it as a justification for taking military action to defeat al Qaeda. Instead, he demanded that detained members of al Qaeda and the Taliban be set free.

The U.N. is entitled to its own opinion, of course. And some American voices have been even more critical of U.S. efforts to combat transnational terrorism. What does not pass the common sense test is that, with all the global challenges to human rights, the U.N. feels it should give priority to investigating the U.S. -- a country with a record pretty much unmatched for transparency, accountability and the rule of law.

What makes the practice particularly galling is that the U.S. pays one quarter of the U.N. budget. Essentially, then, we've paid the U.N. to lecture us on how to safeguard human rights. Somehow, I don't think this was what FDR had in mind when he called for setting up international forum to advance the cause of peace and justice.

And now the U.N. is at it again. Another U.N. special rapporteur, Ben Emmerson of the United Kingdom, has recently announced a new investigation. This time the U.N. will turn its "unbiased" eye into the U.S. use of drones abroad.

COMMENT:  I can't wait for the report.  It's probably already been written.  Hundreds of thousands die around the world at the hands of tinhorn dictators and petty tyrants in the Mideast, Africa and elsewhere, but the UN is investigating the United States...and we're paying for it.

It's time this madness stopped.  The UN, as a peacemaking organization, became a farce long ago.  The largest bloc in the UN today is a Muslim bloc living in the 10th century.  The UN should be allowed to fade into oblivion, replaced possibly by an organization of democratic states.  But the Obamans love the UN, for it represents their real values.  And the mainstream media kind of adore all that multiculturalism as well.

February 12, 2013