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HOW QUICKLY WE FORGET – QUOTE OF THE DAY – AT 11:42 A.M. ET:  It's as if Benghazi never happened.  The mainstreamers don't want to deal with it.  Maybe it's because it is so revealing of the character of the president of the United States.

We've recently had major testimony about Benghazi.  It's already been forgotten.  The leftists in the press have labeled any inquiry about Benghazi "political."  Brave members of the Senate who've tried to get to the bottom of the disaster are ridiculed, and denounced as "pandering to the Tea Party."

But Andrew B. Wilson, in American Spectator, gets to the heart of the matter, in our quote of the day:

Though the details were spare, after months of stonewalling by the Obama administration, the testimony given by Secretary Panetta and Gen. Dempsey late last week was dramatic.

They told how they had spent a half hour meeting with the president on Sept. 11 at 5 p.m. Washington time briefing him on the mass demonstration at the Egyptian embassy and the beginning of an all-out attack (then 90 minutes old) on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

Through their testimony, we learned of the strange indifference of the president to the events that were unfolding on this obviously historic date for America and its sworn enemies (the eleventh anniversary of Nine Eleven 2001). According to Panetta, the president told them that the response to the attack was “up to them.” And that was it: According to Panetta and the general, they had no further contact with the president (or, for that matter, Secretary Clinton) the rest of the evening or night.

Two other important details from the Panetta and Dempsey testimony: They knew full well that it was a terrorist attack. Despite that, neither the president nor they felt compelled to reestablish contact over the next several hours. There were no phone calls from the president to the defense secretary to check up on the situation later that evening or night. Nor did he or Dempsey communicate with Clinton.

None of this seemed important enough for any of the principals — starting with the president — to think of calling for brainstorming and battle planning in the White House Situation Room.

COMMENT:  A mediocre team serving a mediocre president of questionable character, a minor-league Chicago politician with a golden voice.

In many other democracies, Obama's behavior on the night of Benghazi would have resulted in his resignation or his being forced out of office by a vote of no-confidence in the parliament.  I can't imagine a British prime minister surviving such a performance. 

But he is Barack, come to save us, and the press will protect him.  My question is, "Who will protect the United States?"

February 17,  2013