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COMMON SENSE ON KEYSTONE – QUOTE OF THE DAY – AT 8:50 A.M. ET:  As usual, Charles Krauthammer cuts through the haze on the Keystone Pipeline.  So-called "environmentalists," many of whom have adopted environmentalism as a religion, are obsessed with stopping the pipeline, even though, as Krauthammer points out, it will have no environmental impact.  From RealClearPolitics.  This is Krauthammer speaking on Fox:

The Keystone issue is the most open and shut case I have ever seen. Not only will it reduce our dependence on Hugo Chavez, in the Middle East, we would get it from Canada, and not only would it be an insult if we sort of slam the door on Canada, our closest ally, but refusing the pipeline, or not building it would have zero effect on the environment.

The Canadians stumbled on the largest reserve of shale oil around; they're the Saudi Arabia of shale. They are not going to keep it in the ground if we don't input it. It's going to go to China, they have said so. So, it has zero effect on the climate, global warming, whatever you want. The fact that Obama is still mulling over this -- I can understand last year, he wanted to hold the left wing base, he wanted re-election. But now? After he has won re-election? It shows how -- if he refuses it, which I think is still possible, it will really show how partisan considerations way outweigh the national interest. I think it would be shocking.

COMMENT:  That's dead on.   Keystone will help this nation, and Canada, and not affect the environment.  The environmental religionists are simply against the 20th century, and the 21st.  They don't care that some of their schemes, which will drive up the cost of energy, will impact the poor first, in this and other countries. 

Like Krauthammer, I fear that Obama will do the wrong thing, simply to satisfy his base and the fundraisers therein.  And here in New York State, the increasingly hotheaded Governor Andrew Cuomo is delaying decisions on fracking, once again to kowtow to the environmentalists in the Church of the Global Warming.  Next door, Pennsylvania allows fracking, which has been a boon to the state's economy, and the ground under Pennsylvania hasn't collapsed. 

Common sense, please.  And a little respect for the needs of the nation.

February 19, 2013