William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






THERE SHE IS – AT 10:37 A.M. ET:  I watched the Miss American pageant last night.  I believe every patriotic, red-blooded American boy should do so.  It's so good for the morale.

The new Miss America is Miss New York, Mallory Hagan.  She lives in Brooklyn and attends the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She is terrific, and for those of us in New York, our long nightmare is over.  The last Miss New York to win the title was Vanessa Williams, three decades ago.  She was the first black Miss America, but had to give up her crown when some revealing photos of her were discovered. 

But there's a bit of bother.   You can read about the pageant and its winner almost everywhere on the internet...except at the website of New York's "premier" newspaper, The New York Times.  Unless I'm missing something, and I've inspected carefully, The Times is refusing to carry the story, even in its sections devoted to local news.  This is carrying 1960s feminism to an absurd extreme.  Even CNN, hardly a male chauvinist outfit, had the story, with videotape.  The Times is, once again, making a fool of itself.  It has become a pathetic caricature, a poster child for the Woodstock generation, where thinking ended 40 years ago. 

We cannot fully claim Mallory Hagan.  She is actually from Alabama, and moved to New York about five years ago.  It's too bad the leading local paper didn't consider the news of her victory fit to print.  It did have space for a hit piece on those who dare to oppose the nomination of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense.

We hope New York, as opposed to its major newspaper, treats Mallory Hagan kindly.  Let's see if the mayor invites her to City Hall, or if the governor acknowledges her achievement.  This is liberal New York, so you can never be sure.

January 13,  2013