William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







EXPECTED – There is deep distress among the politically correct over the economic boom in North Dakota, because that boom is based on oil.  For those who've made "climate change" the cause of a lifetime, this is sin itself.  So now The New York Times has published a hit piece trying to portray the oil towns in the midst of the boom as evil places where women are preyed upon by rough, disorderly, ultra-male...oil drillers.  The scum!  Well, not so fast, Timesmen.  Breitbart writer John Nolte, in a terrific piece, fought back against Times trendiness and demonstrated that those oil towns are actually safer for women than New York City.  The Times has not yet replied.

SIGN OF DECLINE – One of the worst things done by the Obama administration, among many bad things, is its slashing of NASA's budget, and its dreams.  We don't currently have a vehicle capable of putting a man in space.  Now we learn that a future series of manned space flights will depend on European, not American, technology for its power.   Our advanced Orion space capsule will be powered by vehicles of ESA, the European Space Agency.  The Obaman propagandists are putting out the word that this is a great example of cooperation.  In reality, this White House just wont fund the technology to make Orion a fully American project.  First manned flight will be in 2012, eight years from now.

YOUR EDUCATION DOLLARS AT WORK – A new Pew Research poll shows that only 44% of respondents under the age of 30 knew that Roe v. Wade was about abortion.  Geez.  If the educational system can't even get feminism right, what can it do?  The rest of the poll indicated the usual splits about abortion.  Recent polls from various agencies show that most Americans are supportive of some abortion rights, but that the country has been trending in a somewhat pro-life direction.  In a charged issue like this, the wording of questions must be looked at carefully.

WHOOPS – Governor Andy Cuomo has been bragging about how quickly he got New York's new gun-control law through the legislature...literally in the middle of the night, without hearings, without reflection.  Well, it now turns out the great governmental geniuses in our fair capital of Albany made a whopper of a mistake:  They forgot to exempt police officers from the law's provisions.  Police organizations are on the case, noting that the law, as currently written, would allow criminals to have higher-capacity pistol magazines than law officers.  There are pledges all around to correct the error.  They might've gotten it right the first time.

January 17, 2013