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MORE IRAN – REMARKABLE QUOTES – AT 9:02 A.M. ET:  There is a terrific, revealing piece on the internet this morning, written by former translator for the Iranian government, who has fled his country.  It gives us our quote of the day, and should remain on the minds of all our readers:

As a former employee of the Iranian foreign ministry, I served as interpreter for visiting dignitaries, diplomats and officials. I paid close attention to public proclamations and official statements. And I was present at inner-circle conversations in which a number of high-profile Iranian officials made no secret of their intention to go atomic...

...I witnessed Iranian involvement in the mass production of chemical weapons at a variety of installations including Pakshooma, Arak Petrochemical Complex and in particular the Shahid Meisami Complex located in the city of Karaj, which were designated as producers of chemical material for civilian use, such as detergents, but were also producing chemical weapons for the Defense Industries Organization, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Defense.

I interpreted as the Iranian defense officials misinformed and deceived the inspectors. With such a history of producing weapons of mass destruction in the form of chemical weapons, why should anyone believe that Iran is not intent on producing an atomic bomb?...

...Using a well-known concept in Shiite jurisprudence known as the expedient or altruistic lie, Iranian officials are perfectly willing to lie when it comes to their intentions and programs. The enlightened nations would do well to understand the religious underpinnings of Iranian diplomats’ big lies in contrast with European negotiators. Once the extent of the deception is understood, the question should be not whether Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful but rather when and how the program can be safely terminated.

COMMENT:  One of the great disgraces in our current foreign policy, and, yes, our defense policy as well, is the refusal to accept the nature of our enemy, and his belief in ideology.

This administration came to office with a clear intention to downplay Islamic terrorism, reflecting the personal, pro-Muslim beliefs of the president of the United States.  Remember when they tried to redefine terrorism as "manmade disasters"?  The mainstream media did not object.  It does what it's told.

As an example, please note the disgraceful, sickening Pentagon report on the Fort Hood massacre, where 13 American soldiers were murdered by an alleged Islamist fanatic, who served, incredibly, as an Army psychiatrist.  To this day the Pentagon defines the massacre as an act of "workplace violence," refusing to acknowledge the alleged motives of the shooter.  The party line is seeping into the Department of Defense. 

I fear that some rump deal will be made with Iran.  It won't solve the real problem, but it will allow Americans to concentrate on what's really important, Lance Armstrong's next confession to Oprah.

January 18, 2013