William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






TODAY'S BIG STUFF – AT 9:31 A.M. ET:  I turned on the TV and there's this inauguration stuff going on.  What a turn-off.  Already the Obamans are "lowering expectations" about the size of the crowd.  Already they're lowering expectations about the president's second inaugural address.  Abraham Lincoln he is not.

Many of us have already lowered our expectations about his second term, a term that begins with the introduction, assuming confirmation, of major-league goofballs John Kerry and Chuck Hagel to the most important national-security positions in the Cabinet.  Aren't you optimistic?

According to this morning's Gallup report, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. enters his second term with one of the lowest approval ratings for his first term in modern presidential history.  He gets a weak 49% approval.  Only Carter and Ford ranked lower.  And yet, he is acting as if he won a landslide victory.  That's what happens to a man who thinks he's a god. 

We will endure this day, with its false rhetoric, and hope that the country makes it through the next four years and is still recognizable.  We will also demand that our side do better, get organized, get behind candidates of quality who can actually win elections, and save the country, as Ronald Reagan saved it in 1980.  No more clowning fools in Senate races, no more cookie-cutter establishment candidates in presidential races.  (That is not said as an insult to Mitt Romney, who actually ran a fine race.  But at some point you have to connect with the voters.)

We must also, in the next four years, learn how to deal with an increasingly adolescent and irresponsible press.  If we don't, we lose.  Many in journalism are giving up even the pretense of full, neutral reporting.  They have drunk the Kool-Aid from their sixties-generation mentors and see themselves as "change agents."  I dread the change they want to bring.

January 21,  2013